Terms & Conditions


1. 请阅读以下条款与细则(“闪购盛宴限时抢购”)。您同意在参加本次闪购盛宴限时抢购时接受以下条款与细则的约束,并确认您符合下文所述的所有闪购盛宴限时抢购参加资格要求。
2. 闪购盛宴限时抢购条款是对DFS集团的《条款与细则》(https://www.dfs.com/en/hong-kong/terms-and-conditions)和《预购条款与细则》(https://beautyflashsale.dfs.com/pages/reservation-policies)(合称“DFS标准条款”)的补充。DFS标准条款与上述闪购盛宴限时抢购条款如存在矛盾之处,在且仅在本次闪购盛宴限时抢购中以闪购盛宴限时抢购条款的内容为准。
3. 本次闪购盛宴限时抢购将通过由DFS管理的特制订购平台(“订购平台”)进行。未收到通过订购平台发出的订购确认通知者,不可参加本次闪购盛宴限时抢购。参加闪购盛宴限时抢购者必须严格遵守预约时间(如有),否则将被取消闪购盛宴限时抢购参加资格,并由DFS保留最终解释权。
4. 本次闪购盛宴限时抢购将于2020年4月1日开始,2020年8月31日结束(“闪购盛宴限时抢购活动时间”),除非DFS另行决定延期或提前结束。DFS对此保留最终解释权,恕不另行通知。
5. 闪购盛宴限时抢购期间销售的所有商品遵循先到先得原则,售完为止。
6. 您在闪购盛宴限时抢购中购买的商品:
  a. 由DFS集团有限公司(“DFS”)向您出售;
  b. 按港元标价,且此标价仅限本次闪购盛宴限时抢购;
  c. 须符合DFS的合理使用准则;
  d. 不适用T贵宾会和(或)Select计划的任何会员权益;
  e. 不享受DFS的全球产品质保政策。
7. 尽管有商店销售条款,如果您是以下两种类型的客户,DFS不会为您访问商店期间购买的任何已保留产品和其他产品提供退款或产品交换:
  (i) 直播客户(即您在访问商店期间进行直播); 或
  (ii) 回头客(即您过去已完成先前预订的产品交易)。
8. DFS保留随时补充、更改、修订、变更、改换所有限时抢购条款的权利,随时用其他类似或不类似于本次闪购盛宴限时抢购的闪购盛宴限时抢购完全或部分替代本次闪购盛宴限时抢购的权利,以及随时延长或撤销本次闪购盛宴限时抢购的权利,恕不另行通知,亦不提供任何理由。
9. 您对本次闪购盛宴限时抢购的参加和利用不受任何强制。本次闪购盛宴限时抢购完全基于“尽力而为”原则,您对闪购盛宴限时抢购的参加和利用纯属自愿。
10. DFS概不作出任何形式的明示或默示保证(包括但不限于您在闪购盛宴限时抢购期间向DFS购买的任何产品在物流或售后服务中涉及的任何默示的质量保证、适销性保证和特定目的适用性保证)。
11. 您在此解除DFS的以上所有相关责任。
12. 产品和本次闪购盛宴限时抢购涉及的所有适用税费,包括但不限于销售税、服务税、消费税等,均由您一方承担。
13. 本次闪购盛宴限时抢购遵守香港特别行政区的相关法律。
14. 英文版与中文版的内容如有任何矛盾或歧义之处,以英文版为准。

Flash Sale Terms & Conditions
1. Please read these terms and conditions ("Flash Sale Terms"). You agree that, by participating in the Flash Sale, you will be bound by these T&Cs and you acknowledge that you satisfy all Flash Sale eligibility requirements as provided herein below.
2. These Flash Sale Terms are in addition to DFS’ Terms and Conditions (https://www.dfs.com/en/hong-kong/terms-and-conditions) and Reservation Terms & Conditions (https://beautyflashsale.dfs.com/pages/reservation-policies) (collectively, the “DFS Standard Terms”). To the extent the DFS Standard Terms are inconsistent with these Flash Sale Terms; these Flash Sale Terms will prevail with respect to this Flash Sale only.
3. This Flash Sale is facilitated through a bespoke booking platform managed by DFS (“Booking Platform”). Unless you have received a booking confirmation through the Booking Platform, you are not permitted to participate in the Flash Sale. You must adhere strictly to the appointment times (if applicable), failing which, DFS may at its sole discretion, withdraw your eligibility to participate in the Flash Sale.
4. This Flash Sale commences on 1 April 2020 and ends on 31 August 2020 ("Flash Sale Period"), unless extended/ terminated by DFS, in its sole discretion without any prior notice.
5. All goods sold during the Flash Sale are on a first-come-first serve basis and while supplies last.
6. The goods purchased by you at the Flash Sale:
  a. are sold by DFS Group Limited (“DFS”) to you;
  b. are priced in Hong Kong Dollars with such pricing applicable only to the Flash sale;
  c. are subject to DFS’ reasonable use guidelines;
  d. do not qualify for any benefits which you, as a Loyal-T and/or Select Member, may be entitled to; and
  e. are not subject to DFS’ Worldwide Product Guarantee.
7. Notwithstanding the Store terms of sale, DFS will not refund or exchange any reserved products and other products purchased as during your visit to a Store for this Reservation if you are:
  (i) a livestreaming customer (i.e. you perform livestreaming during your visit to a Store); or
  (ii) a returning customer (i.e. you have previously completed a transaction under a previous Reservation.)
8. DFS reserves the right to add, alter, modify, change or vary all of these Flash Sale Terms or to replace, wholly or in part, this Flash Sale by another Flash Sale, whether similar to this Flash Sale or not, or to extend or withdraw it altogether, at any time without prior notice and without assigning any reason whatsoever.
9. You are not bound in any manner to participate in or avail the Flash Sale. This Flash Sale is being made purely on a "best effort" basis and participating in or availing the Flash Sale is voluntary.
10. DFS does not make any warranty of any kind, express or implied (including, without limitation, any implied warranty of quality, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose or for delivery or after sales services, in relation to any products purchased by you from DFS during the Flash Sale).
11. You hereby release DFS from liability of any kind relating to the previously mentioned.
12. All applicable taxes and levies in relation to the products and the Flash Sale, including without limitation sales tax, service tax, goods and services tax etc., shall be payable by you.
13. The Flash Sale is subject to laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
14. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.